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Architectural and interior photography

Anastasia Alkema is a Metro Atlanta based professional photographer. Her innovative and artistic approach to photography meets and exceeds her clients' expectations. As an honors graduate of Photography from College of Service and Design, Russia, Anastasia’s images have the unique style that people are looking for.


Anastasia has had a long time passion for photography. At the age of ten, Anastasia received her first film camera and the journey of discovering the art of painting with light has begun. She converted a bathroom to a darkroom where first rolls of film were developed and first photographs were printed. Following her passion, she enrolled to youth photography club where she continued mastering her skills and received her first awards from local photographic competitions.


Enrolment to College of Service and Design was the next step to pursue a carrier of a professional photographer. After graduation with honor, Anastasia has been producing images in all areas of photography. She has gone on to shoot for business professionals throughout USA and Russia, including published work for magazines and advertisements.


Anastasia is a well-rounded photographer who has the ability to handle any situation whether it is a fast-paced event or a studio setup. She provides each client with her best work. Her extensive knowledge of the technical side of photography and the most recent technology, combined with her artistic flair, creates memorable imaging for each customer.


Creating the best possible image has given Anastasia recognition among her clientele and through referrals. Her ability to capture the moments as they unfold and to preserve them makes her job rewarding.

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