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     Residential Real Estate Photography is best suited for homes for sale where the images will only be used once and for a short period of time.  Emphasis is placed on quick and efficient workmanship.


Pricing includes:

-Photoshoot Prep List
-Photo processing and editing
-24-48 hour photo delivery
-High-resolution downloadable images for marketing
-Low-resolution downloadable images sized for web use (already sized for MLS) 
-Licensing to the original agent for unlimited media use for the duration of the listing



-Small house or condo: $175 for homes up to 200K, includes 25 finished images. 
-Standard house: $225 for homes up to 400K, includes 30-35 finished images. 
-Large home shoot: $275 for homes up to 600K,  includes 40 finished images. 
-Luxury Home: 600K +  prices start at $350 -  please contact for a custom quote


Additional services:


-Areal images- $100 for up to 10 images, perfect for homes on a higher elevation, or with areas of interest to show such as land, amenities, or surrounding area. If only aerial shots are needed, and not included as an add-on with photos, the pricing is $200

-Twilight exterior: $200 All lights in the home must be turned on and there may be added lighting. Twilight shots give a dramatic and elegant look to the home.
-Repeat visit for exterior shots: $100
-Image editing: $60/hr Image editing allows cars and garbage cans to be removed from driveways and make other improvements to photos. We do not change any of the physical characteristics of the home with image editing.
-Community Amenities (pool, tennis, clubhouse)- $35
-Rush processing (less than 12 hours) - $50
-Travel Fee (homes for more than 25 miles one way from 30041) - from $25
-Late cancellation fee (if canceled within 4 hours or onsite) - $50

Real Estate Photography Pricing

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